Lasagna was first mentioned sometime in the 14th century as a traditional dish from Naples. The recipe for today’s Neapolitan lasagna, lasagne di carnevale, is filled with locally made sausage, small fried meatballs, hard boiled eggs, ricotta and mozzarella cheese and topped with Neapolitan raguo, meat sauce. The al-forno lasagna is layered with pasta and topped with ragu sauce (Bologna is different from Neapolitan because it doesn’t include sausage) and topped with bechamel sauce, which fits the most common version of dishes outside Italy, traditionally associated with the Emilia- Romagna in Italy. In other regions, lasagna can be made with various combinations of ricotta or mozzarella, tomato sauce, meat (e.g. minced beef, pork or chicken) and vegetables (e.g. spinach, zucchini, olives, mushrooms), and the dish is typically seasoned with wine. garlic, onion and oregano. In all cases, lasagna is baked in the oven (al forno). Pastai offers classic yellow lasagna and green lasagna made with spinach.

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