I am Ljubica, mother of two boys, MSc Industrial engineer and this is my dream come true.

It’s been a long road to create a brand new product, unique in the world. I’ve studied the ingredients for two years and ways to combine them in order to make a delicious pasta.

Finally, in 2016 Pastai products were born.

Now, I love my job, it inspires me and makes me happy.

My vision is to encourage people to quickly and easily make a delicious, healthy and unique meals which complies with the needs of the 21st century busy life. Natural, healthy, without added sugar and prepared in no time. For Pastai it’s only 3 minutes of cooking time!

Today, Pastai makes more than 50 varieties of pasta, without additives, without artificial colors and enriched with vegetables and herbs.

Apart from being healthy meal, great advantage of Pastai is that with very few ingredients you can make a meal to delight everyone at the table. You can just boil Pastai pasta and on its own, it will be very tasty.

It is adored by young, old, cheerful, sad, in love, happy, hectic and less hectic, hedonists, wine lovers and beer lovers, and especially by athletes, vegans and culinary adventurers looking for new flavors.

YOU, who have very little time to prepare a meal, YOU who are just getting acquainted with the kitchen and cooking, but also YOU, the great chefs who love to share your hedonism with others, I’ve prepared something extraordinary for you. Here, take a look!